Nicole Titus

Nicole Titus is Haitian-American writer, artist, and playwright whose work often deals with the highly complex, sociological, and emotional drama of everyday life. In her first play, The Prisoner of Jacmel, Ms. Titus has written what can truly be described as a remarkable, intricate, psychological masterpiece. Exploring the superstitious beliefs prevalent in the outlying rural Caribbean countryside, she creates in a few words, a fantastic exposé of a man caught in a psychological struggle for respect, dignity, and quiet existence. The Prisoner of Jacmel is a dramatic work unlike any you have ever read. Besides the unforgettable main character, Fritz Genet, Nicole Titus introduces Theophile Rameau, a twenty-first century detective, who specializes in resolving emotional dilemmas. Her social novel, Akin To No One, has taken the academic world by storm.