Akin To No One

by: Nicole Titus

Grace Saint-Jean negotiated the busy thoroughfares of Port-au-Prince, Haiti as a young girl. At the time, she didn’t even know what “school” was. Soon she learns how much she craves to be educated. Her mother and fisherman father strive to help their bright daughter have a chance at a better life. Grace is fortunate enough to study in Paris, through the help of a generous family, the Bonhommes. In time, the once illiterate child earns a doctorate from the Sorbonne and walks down the Champs Elysees with confidence. She returns to Haiti determined to help its poorest children get an education, as she once yearned.

Follow the enigmatic tale of a young girl’s coming of age and her journey to a world she never knew even existed. Experience a wave of emotions flood through as Grace Saint-Jean wades through a sea of challenges and finally emerges in triumph.